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Yoga and Meditation Music

By Karina Skye aka Siri Priya Kaur

Karina Skye has been studying yoga and healing arts from a very early age. Yoga and mindfulness have not only deeply influenced Karina’s personal life but also her music. Her passion for music and yoga goes hand in hand and today she is a highly accredited yoga trainer (ERYT500 KRI2 YACEP) having studied a great variety of yoga styles and philosophies. Karina is widely known within the yoga community for leading sadhanas, meditations and yoga classes with live music in festivals, studios, concerts and more. She has released the first recorded translation of the JapJi (Sikh / Kundalini morning meditation) in Portuguese and have various mantras and sacred music and chants albums in Traditional Gurmukhi, Sanskrit, as well as non traditional music for Hatha yoga, kundalini Yoga, meditation and relaxation.


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NEW RELEASE: The Crystal Being

Powerful Kundalini Yoga Mantras and Meditations thought by Yogi Bhajan delivered by Yogi, Teacher (ERYT500 KRI2) and Recording Artist Karina Skye aka Siri Priya Kaur; incorporating Acoustic guitar, native flutes, and Brazilian percussion; perfect for the experienced yogi, the teacher’s playlist, or anyone looking to just relax, be inspired, heal and energize. 

Yoga Inspired Music

Enjoy a playlist of music videos from a variety of Karina’s mantras, meditations, and yoga inspired music. 

Jap Ji Sahib (Portugues) “Meditação da Alma”

Enjoy this powerful and deeply meditative recitation of the JapJi Sahib in Portuguese by Karina Skye with beautiful and accurate translation by Gurusangat Kaur Khalsa.

Acoustic guitar, native flutes mantras and chants music for yoga and meditation class.

Karina’s Bio and Story

By Karina Skye (aka Siri Priya Kaur)

Karina Skye, aka Siri Priya Kaur was raised by a non-denominative family and has practiced and studied the healing arts, yoga, music and dance from a very early age. Going through some hard years in her life and having been able to survive, recover and succeed by practicing Yoga and mindfulness, Karina has now a huge drive to share her experiences and the techniques that worked for her. She is passionate to help others achieve their full potential and find happiness and inner-peace. She is an experienced Yoga instructor (ERYT500/ KRI 2) with more than 13 years of teaching experience. Author, motivational speaker and also founder of the Modern Yoga Academy (RYS200) Karina is trained in a variety of Yoga styles including Kundalini, Sivananda, Restorative, Power Yoga/ Vinyasa, pre-natal Yoga and also Qi Gong. Karina is also a REIKI master, a certified DOULA and certified counselor facilitator. When Karina discovered Kundalini Yoga she was given the spiritual name of Siri Priya Kaur which means The Great Beloved. The teachings of Yogi Bhajan deeply impacted her, so much that Karina decided to channel her music abilities towards singing Mantras, Yoga Music and specially Kundalini Yoga Music and Meditations. Siri Priya Kaur has various albums featured by the highly acclaimed Spirit Voyage and travels around offering Yoga workshops and also Devotional Chanting Concerts all over the US, Central and South America, including her home country of Brazil. Siri Priya Kaur is a deeply devoted Yogi with a mission to be a becon of light on this world inspiring awareness and supporting the enlightening process of all.

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