Karina Skye Acoustic Music

A one woman loop band with a beach yoga vibe

Karina has many music projects, but her acoustic music is her true personal identity. As a "One Man Band", Karina incorporates guitar, flutes, and unique percussion elements using loop pedals to create very dynamic, inspiring and fun performances. Her solo projects are very raw and personal. With inspiring lyrics, acoustic sounds, a layed back and fun beach/campfire feel, Karina incorporates her Yogic lifestyle and personal life lessons into her art. Karina's shows are more than just concerts, they are inspirational, transformational and interactive moving us profoundly and leaving us energized and empowered. 

“Living & Loving”

Intriguing, conscious music with catchy hooks and powerful lyrics. This 13 track, self produced album, incorporates acoustic guitar, flutes, light percussion, and Brazilian influences blending a beach vibe with a yoga inspired music and message mindset. Enjoy a youtube video playlist below: 

“Be The Light”

A beautiful inspiring masterpiece of songs carefully written and recorded in 432Hz with the intention of serving as medicine music, sound healing and meditation tools. With enlightening lyrics, many based on mantras translations and yogic philosophy, this album was written during Karina‘s Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training and deeply influenced by this yoga system and teachings. 

Letter To Humanity

Karina‘s first self produced and self released solo album. With a layback beach vibe, love songs, and conscious raising underlying vibes, this is a beautiful work of art that inspired and empowered Karina into who she is today, being the catalyst of her independence in the music industry. 

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ACOUSTIC COLLABORATION: Karina & Kourosh Shahbahrami

Enjoy this unique playlist of the incredible Acoustic World Music collaboration by Karina and Persian composer Kourosh Shahbahrami.