Multi Genre Recording Artist

  Multi-instrumentalist, multi-genre recording artist, author and Yoga master, Karina Skye is a versatile artist with a powerful message. With over 150 songs and titles released, and original music ranging from acoustic to electronic, from yoga mantras and meditation music to pop, freestyle, and Rock, Karina is a true artist: incredibly creative, purposeful, and free of labels and restrictions. She has worked with producers from all across the Globe and has captivated the world with her vibes, talents, and versatility. Her music is fun, catchy, and eclectic but deeply meaningful, meant to inspire the listener with positive, powerful, thought-provoking ideas, and conscious messages. Karina's art is inspired on the moment, but still universal and timeless.

 To her, THE SKY IS UNLIMITED and so are the opportunities in life, and she is not afraid of taking them all. Her voice, message, and unique personality are sure to make a deep impact... Check out her impressive discography

Latest Release

“South Beach" Karina Skye feat. Johnny Minnis (Brazilian Miami Reggaeton)

FLAVA MUSIC RECORDS PRESENTS: Brazilian American songwriter Karina Skye, Miami/ Bahamian vocalist Johnny Minnis in this FRESH Brazilian American Reggaeton in Portuguese/English. Produced by Brazilian EDM and Freestyle music engineer Flavio Grifo.



Looking to the Future


”My Mind Is My Best Friend”

 The Simple Art of Mindfulness 

(Reprogramming My Mind To Help Me Thrive) 


(May 2020)