My Mind Is My Best Friend (The Simple Art of Mindfulness) Reprogramming My Mind to Help Me Thrive


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Karina Skye is a mother, author, singer and songwriter with over 30 albums released and 150 published songs and poems. She is also a Doula and an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT500 and KRI) certified in various styles of Yoga, including Kundalini Yoga, Sivananda, Hatha, Restorative, Power Yoga and Pre-Natal Yoga. Karina believes these ancient teachings can be useful for everyone in this modern world and is an advocate of meditation and mindfulness. Her goal is to empower and inspire the reader and listener, either through her music, books, classes, or writings. Karina Skye wishes everyone she influences through her works to develop self-awareness so they can thrive and excel in everything they do in life. 

My Mind Is My Best Friend

My Mind Is My Best Friend is a series of books by Karina about the simple art of mindfulness. Her first book, “Mindfulness for Kids” is a cheerful and funny story about the relationship between a child and his/her mind.  A child’s mind can sometimes be fun and creative and other times can be doubtful, negative or create scary thoughts. Karina Skye wrote this book with the intention of empowering children to meditate and learn to control their thoughts in order to teach the mind to be supportive and positive. This easy reading book will help children to find the answers and solutions to every day challenges and make the mind their best friend, helping them achieve anything they believe in.

My Mind Is My Best Friend The Simple Art of Mindfulness Reprogramming My Mind to Help Me Thrive Book

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The Simple Art of Mindfulness (Reprogramming My Mind To Help Me Thrive)

Keeping the simplicity of the kids book in mind, Karina breaks down incredibly powerful ideas about the true meaning and purpose of life on “My Mind is My Best Friend” The Simple Art of Mindfulness; she offers great tools and teachings based on Yoga and Meditation philosophy to help us deal with stress, anxiety and the pressures of the environment; and shares with us great insights she learned and discovered throughout many years of yoga study, self-development, and self-healing into her new book.

This simple book teaches us to be mindful of our bodies nourishing it accordingly to its needs; how to be mindful of our minds and thoughts, becoming selective and understanding the root of our self talk, inner dialogue and personal struggles; and how to observe and navigate our emotions in order to best comprehend our needs and desires and minimize self inflicted suffering, unnecessary drama, and stress in life;

Through simple quotes, written in fist person, Karina teaches us how to meditate and how to train ourselves (our bodies and our minds) to be our greatest assets and support us on our greatest purpose of thriving in every aspect of life. 

Karina starts the book by telling us her own personal journey of deep struggle with anxiety, low self-esteem, trauma, and even suicidal thoughts. She describes how she was able to heal, gain control of her life, find stability, and thrive in all her endeavors by meditating, understanding herself, becoming mindful of all her faculties, and re training her own mind to serve her instead of allowing it to sabotage her in her efforts.

This is a powerful book, with deep and valuable information, yet with simple and incredibly direct quotes that can serve us for much longer than as a “one time reading” kind of book. It may live on our nightstand, by our bedside, serving as a guide and constant reminder of our potential and ability to thrive and to influence on the evolution of not only humanity but also the evolution of our world.


The 155 Pages book is in its final revisions and Karina can not wait to share this necessary work with the world. “This book needed to be written”

Karina Skye 

My Mind Is My Best Friend (Mindfulness For Kids)

Enjoy this audio recording of “My Mind is My Best Friend” Mindfulness For Kids 

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